At Certain Places

Places in which people were found.

1. “At the Beautiful Gate” a poor cripple was found—Act_3:10. Like many Christians, he had life, but not liberty.

2. “At the Door” Peter knocked for admittance—Act_12:13. The saints often need to be knocked up to have fellowship with them.

3. “At the Sepulchre” Mary Magdalene was found—Joh_20:11. Where she had last seen Him dead, she met Him alive.

4. “At His Feet” Mary fell, to find comfort about the death of her brother—Joh_11:32.

5. “At the Fire” Peter “warmed himself,” when he ought to have been near his Lord—Mar_14:54.

6. “At Home” is the place to show piety at first—1Ti_5:4.

7. “At the Door” the Lord is found when a church is wrong, instead of being inside—Rev_3:20.