The Father’s Will Jesus’ Law Of Life John 6:30-40

John 6:30-40

On the day following, our Lord had to encounter, first the demand of the people for a continuation of the miracle of the preceding night, Joh_6:25-40; second, the murmur of “the Jews,” that is, their religious leaders, Joh_6:41-51; third, the growing heat of His opponents, Joh_6:52-59; and lastly, the failure of many of His disciples, Joh_6:60-71. But His mountain prayer had prepared Him, Joh_6:15.
 The manna was only a type of His mission to meet the hunger of the human spirit for truth, and love, and hope. He is the true bread from heaven, God’s best gift (of the reality of which all material substances are but emblems), not only satisfying passing hunger but imparting life, and only waiting to be appropriated by any that will. Let us come to Him, turning from all else. To come is to cease to hunger, to trust is to lose our thirst. Jesus suffices for heaven; shall he not suffice also for earth? Note the identical clauses of Joh_6:37. All whom the Father gives to Christ come to Him; and all who come to Him prove that they are included in the Father’s gift, bestowed before the worlds were made. See Joh_10:28-29; Joh_17:6.