Sin Shall Not Have Dominion Romans 6:12-23

Romans 6:12-23

Standing with Christ on the resurrection side of death, we must present our whole being to God for His use. We have left forever behind, nailed to the Cross, the body of sin, Col_2:14, and henceforth must see to it that every faculty shall become a weapon in God’s great warfare against evil. Let your powers be monopolized by God, so that there shall be no room left for the devil, Eph_4:27.

 All serve some higher power, but which? Our real owner and master, whatever we may say to the contrary, is indicated by our life. We belong to the one whom, in a crisis, we obey. Service to sin leads to uncleanness, iniquity, and death. Service to God leads to righteousness, and that to sanctification, and that to eternal life. Run your life into the mold of holy precept, as the obedient metal into the sand-cast, Rom_6:17, r.v. We have our reward in the present consciousness of the life which is life indeed.