Great Blessings Through Christ Romans 5:1-11

Romans 5:1-11

We stand in grace; we look for glory. Our standing is sure, although apart from our feelings or deserts. It is ours forever, through union with the living Christ. It is our admission to the home of God’s elect. We have passed the threshold and have received, in the antechamber, the new white robe. But being in the house we find several stories or tiers of ascent. They are marked by the phrases, not only so and much more.

 Starting from faith, the staircase mounts from peace to hope, Rom_5:2; from hope to love, Rom_5:5; from reconciliation to salvation and life and joy in God, Rom_5:9-11, so that whatever He does, as well as whatever He is, awakens in our hearts responsive admiration and glad consent. Stand on these successive terraces in the mountain climb to take your breath and behold the far-spread landscape. Let us not be content with the ladder foot when all these rounds of light invite us. Especially ponder Rom_5:10, where the Apostle distinguishes between reconciliation and salvation. What music there is in that wonderful phrase, saved by His life! By His life for us in heaven and in us by His Spirit.