Death Through Adam Life Through Christ Romans 5:12-21

Romans 5:12-21

This is the profoundest and most fundamental section of the whole Epistle. It contains an insight into the deep things of God, 1Co_2:10. We must read it slowly and thoughtfully many times in order to catch its drift. In these comments we can only skim in the most superficial manner across the surface.

We are here taught the unity of the race, not only in Adam, but in Christ. Adam’s sin has affected the standing of every man; but the grace and the obedience of the “One Man,” Jesus Christ, have secured for all men the offer of the free gift. The guilt that lay upon the race by the sin of Adam has been removed from the race by the obedience of the Son of man to the Cross. None, therefore, are condemned, on account of that first transgression, or doomed for that primal fall. In a sense, all are made righteous; that is, all stand before God on the basis of their individual, rather than their racial, responsibility. We are not condemned with Adam, but may be condemned, if we refuse to avail ourselves of the grace of Jesus Christ. All that sin forfeited is put within our reach. Nay, we may reach higher heights than Adam, if we will only receive the abundance of the grace of Christ.