Dead Unto Sin But Alive Unto God Romans 6:1-11

Romans 6:1-11

It is not sufficient merely to apprehend, however clearly, our standing in Christ; we must see to it that the doctrine issues in a holy life. Nothing is more hurtful than to hold a truth intellectually, without giving it expression in character. Many who fight for the minute points of doctrinal accuracy are careless of the great demands of Christ for a life of godlike love. Therefore, after the Apostle’s massive statements of doctrine, he now turns to discuss the way of a holy life. The work of Christ for us must lead to His work in us and deliverance from the power of sin.

All who believe in Christ are reckoned as having been included in His death. They did not make atonement for sin; but they died to the life of self-will, of self-pleasing, of subjection to the world-spirit, of citizenship in the earth-sphere, and passed with Him into the life of resurrection glory. This is the significance of the rite of baptism. “Mark that seal!” cries the Apostle. “You belong to the resurrection side of death. Live in union with the risen Redeemer.”

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