A Sevenfold Exhortation Hebrews 12

A Sevenfold Exhortation

Hebrews 12

1. Stripped Bodies. “Lay aside every weight,” etc. (Heb_12:1). The simile used is the putting off of a garment, as the athlete who lays aside every encumbrance before he runs in the race.

2. Looking Eyes. “Looking unto Jesus” (Heb_12:2). The figure indicates the looking away from one object to another. Christ is the Leader and Completer of faith. We have a Perfect Example of faith to follow, and a Perfect Indweller to impart the faith He requires.

3. Lifting Hands. “Lift up the hands,” etc. (Heb_12:12). A loving heart to Christ in remembering how He lifted us up from sin to Himself, will prompt us to have hands for Christ in helping others in need.

4. Straight Paths. “Make straight paths,” etc. (Heb_12:13). The best way to restore others is to be perfectly sure we are right with God ourselves. We need to be straight ourselves if we would straighten others.

5. Pursuing Feet. “Follow peace,” etc. (Heb_12:14). Peace is the terminus which is reached by travelling in the way of holiness.

6. Alert Attention. “Looking diligently,” etc. (Heb_12:15). Not to take in supplies is to be devoid of provender. To fail the grace of God is to fail to take God in His grace, who never fails.

7. Good Service. “Serve God acceptably,” etc. (Heb_12:28). To be well-pleasing to God is the highest form of service. Acceptable service has love for its motive, truth for its guide, the Spirit for its power, and God’s glory for its end.