A Servant Of Jesus Christ

A Servant of Jesus Christ

The Greek word for “servant,” in the Book of Revelation, means a slave, and is rendered “bondman” and “bond”—Rev_6:15; Rev_13:16; Rev_19:18. It occurs fourteen times, and in eleven instances indicates a servant of God, or of Christ.

1. Revelation. “Shew unto His servants” (11; Rev_22:6). God reveals to His servants what He does
not make known to the world.

2. Possession. “His servant John” (Rev_1:1). We are the Lord’s by creation, calling, purchase, and possession.

3. Opposition. “Seduce My servants” (Rev_2:20). Satan and his emissaries do not trouble those who are his, but he and they are always at work to beguile and blast the Lord’s.

4. Preservation. “Sealed the servants of our God” (Rev_7:3). Things are sealed for security and secrecy, so the Lord hides and preserves His own.

5. Completion. “As He hath declared to His servants” (Rev_10:7). God will fill to the full all He has declared shall be.

6. Compensation “Shouldest give reward unto thy servants” (Rev_11:18). The Lord has eyes to see, a heart to appreciate any service done to Him, and a reward is in His hands for those who have served.

7. Recognition. “Moses, the servant of God” (Rev_15:3). The Lord knows each of His servants by name.

8. Retribution. “Avenge the blood of His servants” (Rev_19:2). The saints who are saintly do not vindicate themselves, but the Lord does.

9. Ascription. “Praise our God, all ye His servants” (Rev_19:5). Worship is the out-going of the heart in praise, gratitude, and adoration to the Lord.

10. Consecration. “His servants shall serve Him” (Rev_22:3). “Serve Him.” To serve Him means loyalty, affection, thoroughness, and disinterestedness.