The Searcher Of All Hearts Romans 2:12-20

Romans 2:12-20

The Apostle goes on to show that all men, whether Jews or Gentiles, will be judged by the same standard. For the Jew that law was written upon the pages of the Old Testament; but for the Gentiles, who possessed neither Moses nor Sinai, it was written on the tablets of the heart and known as “conscience.” The difference between the two is comparable to that between the time of day indicated by the sun and by the watch which each man carries in his pocket. It is a blessed and profound truth, which makes all men amenable to God’s judgment, that deep down in every man’s soul He has engraven His holy law.

How clearly Scripture bears witness to the eternal judgment! Act_17:31. The secrets of men are to be judged, Rom_2:16. How thankful we should be that those who stand in Christ shall not come under condemnation! He has borne the curse of a broken law for us, and is not ashamed to call us brethren, Heb_2:11.

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