The Reward Of Trusting Jesus' Word John 4:46-54

John 4:46-54

The particular interest of this beautiful incident is in Joh_4:50. The father had such faith in our Lord’s promise that he started off at once on his homeward journey, needing no further assurance that all was well. It would appear, indeed, that he went to some inn or caravansary on his way back, because there would have been ample time between the seventh hour (one o’clock in the day) and nightfall to get from Cana down to Capernaum. Why should he hasten! The boy was living, doing well, since the Master had said so. He was sure of it and thanked God for it and gladly took the opportunity of a quiet night’s rest, to sleep off the effects of long watching, intense anxiety, and the swift journey to Cana. When his servants met him with the news that the boy was healed, he inquired at what hour the change had taken place, merely to corroborate his own conclusions. What a happy family that was! This nobleman may have been Chuza, Herod’s steward, Luk_8:3, or Manaen, Herod’s foster-brother, Act_13:1. Why should we not have the same simple faith in the word of God’s promise!