The Growth Of Faith John 4:39-45

John 4:39-45

There are many ways of coming to know Christ. In some cases He comes to us, as to the woman by the well, and reveals Himself in a direct and illuminating manner, so that the soul can never afterward entertain a doubt as to his reality or its own experience. In other cases, the report of some associate or friend is the arresting and converting factor. Many Samaritans believed “because of the word of the woman.” There was a light in her eyes, a radiance in her face, a strength and dignity in her bearing that convinced them. There was yet another section of the Samaritans, who watched and listened, as Jesus tarried with them. They heard Him for themselves, and were convinced that He was indeed the Saviour, not of the Jews only, but of the whole world.

Our Lord could not remain among this interesting people, for His mission was primarily to His own nation. He therefore proceeded on His way to Galilee, not to Nazareth where He was so well known, but as appears in the following paragraph, to Cana of Galilee, where He was welcomed because of the marked impression that He had already made in the metropolis.