Jesus’ Works His Sufficient Witness John 5:30-38


The one desire and purpose of our Lord was to do God’s will. We cannot penetrate the mystery of His ineffable being, but clearly, so far as His human nature was concerned, he had a will which could be denied and subordinated to the Father’s. See Joh_5:30; Joh_6:38; Luk_22:42. It meant shame, a breaking heart, a soul exceeding sorrowful, the cry of the forsaken, but he never swerved. He clung to it as to a hand rail down the steep dark staircase that led to Calvary. Let us live according to God’s will. It feeds the spirit, Joh_4:34. It clears the judgment, Joh_5:30. It gives rest and tranquility to the heart, Mat_11:29. It is the key of certain and assured knowledge, Joh_7:17. It introduces us into a great circle of others, who in the past and present, in heaven and on earth, are living with the same purpose. Our Lord cites as allies John the Baptist, Joh_5:6; the Scriptures, Joh_5:39; and Moses, Joh_5:45. Choose this life policy! There is no other way! Remember that God’s will is goodwill, and that His love is endless and changeless.