Angel’s Resurrection Message Matthew 28:1-10

Matthew 28:1-10; 28:18-20

The angel’s message is full of the grace and glow of the Gospel. Weigh his sevenfold message.

1. The “Fear not” (Mat_28:5) of Love. The earthquake caused the keepers to shake and quake; we are therefore not surprised that the lightning countenance of the angel should fill the women with consternation.

2. The “I know” of Appreciation. The angel knew the loving quest of the women. He knew they wanted to see the loved form that they had last seen on the cruel Cross. Faith’s memory always centres in the Cross.

3. The “He is not here” of Reminder. He had said He would not remain in the grave. We do not always find what we expect, but we discover the unexpected to our joy and comfort.

4. The “He is risen” of Joy. He travelled through the realm of Hades, and preached the Gospel to the
spirits in prison—1Pe_3:18; 1Pe_4:6; and now He is risen triumphant over death, Hell, the grave, and the Devil—Heb_2:14; Rev_1:18.

5. The “See the place” of Observation. The place of expiation was Calvary—Luk_23:33; the place of glory will be in the Father’s mansions—Joh_14:2-3; and the place of resurrection was an empty tomb.

6. The “Go quickly” of Commission. To go and “tell” others that “He was risen from the dead” when they expected still to find Him lifeless, gave wings to their feet and a glow in their hearts.

7. The “Ye shall see Him” of Expectation. To hear He was risen was good, but to have the assurance of seeing Him was better.