“All That He,” Or “She Had”

1. A Clean Separation. “Abram went up out of Egypt... and all that he had” (Gen_13:1).

2. A Beautiful Type. “Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac” (Gen_25:5; Joh_3:35).

3. A Worthy Ruler. “All that he had he put into his hand” (Gen_39:4, Gen_39:6).

4. A Prosperous Man. “The blessing of the Lord was upon all that he had” (Gen_39:5).

5. A Bankrupt Servant. “Commanded him to be sold... and all that he had” (Mat_18:25).

6. A Weary Quest. “Spent all that she had, nothing bettered” (Mar_5:26).

7. A Magnificent Gift. “Cast in all that she had” (Mar_12:44).