Right and Wrong Uses of God’s House John 2:12-22

John 2:12-22

This market was established in the Temple courts, and many evils were associated with it. The animals were sold at exorbitant prices, which made the dealers only the more covetous. The money-changers made considerable profit in supplying Jewish coins-which alone could be offered in the Temple service-in exchange for Roman and Greek money. Our Lord’s presence was august, His soul being aflame with the passion of zeal for His Father’s honor. The consciences of those who offended were smitten by the contrast between that holy zeal and their own eagerness to barter.
Our Lord’s reference to His body as the true temple is very impressive and interesting. The Apostle adverts to it in 1Co_6:19. As Jesus cleansed the Temple so He can cleanse our hearts. When He comes to dwell within us, He finds our hearts desecrated by unholy things, which He quickly casts out. He sits as a refiner of silver: His fan is in His hand, and He thoroughly purges His floor. Our Lord’s reference to the distraction of His body, by the act of the Jewish leaders, and to His resurrection, proves that from the first He had His sacrifice well before His eyes. In the next chapter this becomes the more apparent.