The Greek word for “agree” in Mat_18:19, means to symphonise and suggests a musical harmony, where chords are tuned to the same key, and struck by a master hand.

1. There is a symphonising which we should avoid, that is, a concert for the furtherance of evil, like Ananias and Sapphira, when they “agreed together” to tempt the Holy Spirit—Act_5:9.

2. There is a symphonisation which we should recognise, namely, when the working of God’s providence agrees with the fulfilment of God’s Word (see the word “agree” in Act_15:15).

3. But the symphony which is specially pleasing to the Lord is when His people agree in a concert of prayer, as Judah did—2Ch_20:4, as the disciples did in the upper room—Act_1:14, as the Church did for Peter—Act_12:12, and as Nehemiah and his workers did—Neh_4:9.