The importance, intensity, and repetition of a given act, or the statement of a truth, is seen in the word palin, rendered “again.” The importance of distinguishing words given “again” is seen if we contrast two other words. “Again” should be “above” in the sentence, “Born from above” (John 3 is given “above” in Joh_3:31). Another word, “again,” is the word associated with Christ rising “again” from the dead. It means to stand up. Strictly speaking, “again” can only be applied to a second act. Christ did rise the second time. He was standing in life before He died, and He stood up again in resurrection; but in the instances where palin is used of Christ, it means a repetition.

1. Life Given and Taken. “I lay down My life, that I may take it again” (Joh_10:17-18). Here is the double purpose of deliberate action. His death and resurrection were no accident.

2. “Written” and “Written Again.” To Satan’s partial quotation of Scripture, Christ gave him an utterance of full statement. “Jesus said to him, It is written again” (Mat_4:7).

3. Hands Upon Eyes and Again. There was a double touch with Christ in His healing of the blind man—Mar_8:23-25.

4. Christ’s Repeated Statement. The disciples were astonished at Christ’s teaching about riches, but He emphasised His statement by repeating it—Mar_10:23, Mar_10:24.

5. Peace and Peace. “Jesus saith to them again” (Joh_20:21). He gives a double peace. The peace of the Cross and the peace of Himself—Joh_14:27.

6. Prayer and Prayer. “He went away again” (Mat_26:42, Mat_26:44). To pray again is to get into the heart of things.

7. Coming and Coming. “I will come again” (Joh_14:3). His future coming is associated with His first.