Afar Off

“Afar Off”

There are many characters who are said to be “afar off.”

1. A Demon-Possessed Man, when he “saw Jesus afar off,” ran and worshipped Him (Mar_5:6).

2. The Women at the Cross were “beholding” Him “afar off” (Mat_27:55).

3. Peter followed his Lord “afar off” when he ought to have been near (Luk_22:54).

4. The Lepers, conscious of their disease, “stood afar off” (Luk_17:12).

5. The Publican, knowing his sin and unworthiness, stood “afar off” (Luk_18:13).

6. The Gentile Sinners are “afar off” from Jewish blessings and promises (Act_2:39; Eph_2:13, Eph_2:17).

7. Old Testament Saints did not enjoy to the full the blessings of the Gospel, but they saw them “afar of” (Heb_11:13).