Activities of Jesus

In John 11 The Man of men, the greatest Person who ever lived.

1. The Listening Friend. “Jesus heard” (Joh_11:4).

2. The Loving Lord. “Jesus loved” (Joh_11:5).

3. The Gracious Teacher. “Jesus answered” (Joh_11:9).

4. The Wondrous Speaker. “Jesus saith” and “spake” (Joh_11:13, Joh_11:23).

5. The Timely Visitor. “Jesus came” (Joh_11:17).

6. The Located Saviour. “Jesus was” (Joh_11:32).

7. The Seeing Helper. “Jesus saw” (Joh_11:33).

8. The Troubled Groaner. “He groaned and was troubled” (Joh_11:33, Joh_11:38).

9. The Weeping Compassionator. “Jesus wept” (Joh_11:35).

10. The Believing Son. “Jesus lifted up His eyes and said, Father” (Joh_11:41).

11. The Commanding Life-Giver. “He cried” (Joh_11:43).

12. The Constant Worker. “Jesus did... done” (Joh_11:45-46).

13. The Undisputed Witness. “This Man doeth many miracles” (Joh_11:47).

14. The Delivering Substitute. “Jesus should die” (Joh_11:51, Joh_11:53).