Abraham’s Vision Genesis 18:1-2

Abraham’s Vision


Fellowship is the soul of friendship, or the common interest that the one has with the other.

The Lord appeared to him—Gen_18:1, Gen_18:2. If the different occasions when God appeared to Abraham are looked up, it will be found they were crisis points in his history. On this occasion God promised a son to him. Every true Christian experience begins with a vision of Christ, and we fail to see anything that is worth seeing till we have seen Him. Recall how this fact is illustrated in the lives of—

1. Moses, the Leader—Exo_3:2.

2. Isaiah, the Prophet—Isa_6:1.

3. Paul, the Apostle—Act_9:3-5.

4. Peter, the Fisherman—Luk_5:8.
5. John, the Disciple—Rev_1:17.

6. Gideon, the Warrior—Jdg_6:12.

7. Jacob, the Prince—Gen_32:24-30.