Abraham’s Intercession Genesis 18:18-33

Abraham’s Intercession


Dr. Joseph Parker, in referring to Sodom, and Abraham’s prayer for it, and God’s knowledge of its sin, said: “There are four great facts to consider. 1, That God holds inquest upon the moral condition of cities. 2, That God is accessible to earnest human appeal. 3, That the few can serve the many. 4, That human prayer falls below Divine resources.” There are several traits in Abraham’s intercession.

1. He was confident in spirit, for he stood before the Lord—Gen_18:22.

2. He was definite in his plea, for he prayed that Sodom might be spared for the sake of the righteous in it—Gen_18:23-25.

3. He pleaded what the Lord was, and His righteousness, as arguments for his prayer to be answered, for he confessed the Judge of all the earth would do right—Gen_18:25, Gen_18:26.

4. His intercession was humble in tone, for he confessed he was but dust and ashes—Gen_18:27.

5. And his petition was persistent in spirit—Gen_18:28. And yet it failed in its continuance, for he left off in his intercession before the Lord left off in His giving—Gen_18:32, Gen_18:33.