“Born From Above” (Joh_3:3)

1. Christ, who came “from above” did a work for us which was outside in its merit and worth—Joh_3:31.

2. Life. The life which qualifies us for the Kingdom of God is “from above”—Joh_3:3, Joh_3:5. The word “again” should be “above,” and is so given in Joh_3:31.

3. Love. The “perfect gift” of God’s love and grace is “from above,” as well as every good gift of His providence—Jas_1:17.

4. Wisdom. The wisdom which makes us wise is “from above”—Jas_3:17.

5. Affection. To set our affection on “things above” is to evidence we need resources above and
beyond us—Col_3:1, Col_3:2.

6. Protection. We need “above all” the Shield of Faith (Christ) to shield us from the enemies’ attacks—Eph_6:16.

7. Satisfaction. Covering all and in all the Lord Himself, who is above, is the One who can take out of danger and bring us into untold blessing—Psa_18:16-19.