Outline of Ezekiel

The Prophet of Israel in Exile

I. Prophecies Regarding Israel, Ezekiel 1-24
1. The Prophet’s Call and Commission, Eze_1:1-28; Eze_2:1-10; Eze_3:1-27
 2. The Siege of Jerusalem, Eze_4:1-17; Eze_5:1-17
 3. Israel Past and Present, Ezekiel 6-24
II. Prophecies Regarding the Nations, Ezekiel 25-32
1. Ammon, Moab, and Philistia, Eze_25:1-17
 2. Tyre and Sidon, Eze_26:1-21; Eze_27:1-36; Eze_28:1-26
 3. Egypt, Eze_29:1-21; Eze_30:1-26; Eze_31:1-18; Eze_32:1-32
III. Prophecies Regarding Israel’s Future, Ezekiel 33-48
1. The Fall of Jerusalem, Eze_33:1-33; Eze_34:1-10
 2. The Restoration of Israel, Ezekiel 34:11-39:29
3. The New Temple, Ezekiel 40-48

Introduction to Ezekiel
Ezekiel’s name means, “God will strengthen.” Like Jeremiah he was a priest as well as a prophet. He lived among the Jews who were carried away captive by Nebuchadnezzar and settled on the river Chebar, in the north of Mesopotamia. He began to prophesy about six years before Jerusalem was destroyed; and was therefore contemporary with Jeremiah, prophesying partly before and partly after the destruction of Jerusalem.