2 Samuel

Outline of Second Samuel

The Reign of David

I. David’s Early Reign over Judah, II Samuel 1-4
1. David’s Lament over the Death of Saul and Jonathan, 2Sa_1:1-27
 2. The Contest between David and Ishbosheth, 2Sa_2:1-32; 2Sa_3:1-5
 3. Abner, Estranged from Ishbosheth, Joins David, 2Sa_3:6-21
 4. The Murder of Abner by Joab, 2Sa_3:22-39
 5. The Overthrow of the House of Saul, 2Sa_4:1-12
II. David’s Later Reign over All Israel, II Samuel 5-20
1. David Proclaimed King by All the Tribes, 2Sa_5:1-25
 2. David’s Care for the Ark, 2Sa_6:1-23; 2Sa_7:1-29
 3. David’s Conquests,  2Sa_8:1-18
 4. David’s Kindness to the Remnant of the House of Saul, 2Sa_9:1-13
 5. The War with Ammon and the Siege of Rabbah, 2Sa_10:1-19; 2Sa_11:1-27; 2Sa_12:1-31
 6. Absalom’s Crime, Banishment, and Return, 2Sa_13:1-39; 2Sa_14:1-33
 7. Absalom’s Rebellion and Death, II Samuel 15-18
8. David’s Return and the Revolt of Sheba, 2Sa_19:1-43; 2Sa_20:1-26
III. Appendix: Undated Incidents, Registers, and Psalms, II Samuel 21-24
1. The Story of Rizpah; Deeds of the Philistine Wars, 2Sa_21:1-22
 2. The Words of David, 2Sa_22:1-23
 3. Register of the Mighty Men, 2Sa_23:8-39
 4. The Numbering of the People; the Pestilence, 2Sa_24:1-25

The Second Book of Samuel is devoted entirely to the reign of David. His coronation, first by Judah and then by all of the tribes, his wars and conquests, his care for the religious life of the people, his sins, and the calamities he suffered, are impartially set forth in vivid and convincing narrative.
“A very notable thing in the books of Samuel,” says James Robertson, “is the prominence given to music and song. There is in these books an unusual number of poetical pieces ascribed to this period, and all the indications put together give ample justification for the fame of David as the sweet singer of Israel, and for the ascription to him of the origin of that volume of sacred song which never ceased in Israel, and has become embodied in the Psalms.”