Testimony to the value of the English Authorized Version of the Bible

Here is a most affectionate and touching expression of praise by one, who many years ago left the English Church for that of Rome. With a tone of sad regret for one thing, at least, which he had lost by the change, the late Cardinal Newman speaks thus: “The marvellous beauty of the Protestant Bible lives on the ear like a music which can never be forgotten, like the sound of church bells, which the convert hardly knows how he can forego. Its felicities often seem to be almost things rather than mere words. It is a part of the national mind, and the anchor of national seriousness. The memory of the dead passes into it, the potent traditions of childhood are stereotyped in its verses, the power of all the griefs and trials of a man is hidden beneath its words--it is the representative of his best moments, and all that there has been about him of soft, and gentle, and pure, and penitent, and good speaks to him forever out of his English Bible; it is his sacred thing, which doubt has never dimmed, and controversy never soiled. In the length and breadth of the land there is not a Protestant with one spark of religiousness about him, whose spiritual biography is not in his Saxon Bible.”

- Biblical Illustrator