Other Names for the Bible

It is called by Irenaeus (born 120 A.D.) Divine Writings, and by Clemens Alexandrinus (died 220 A.D.) Scriptures, the God-inspired Scriptures. Hence it has been designated the Canon, or the Canonical Scriptures, because, including all and only the writings given by the inspiration of God, it is the canon or rule of faith and practice for man. (Prof. J. G. Murphy.)

The first title which was given to it in the West was Bibliotheca Divina, and it is indeed a Divine library, rich in every region of human interest, rich in every variety of human record. And this fulness, this catholicity of the Bible, is what we need to feel now. The fulness, the catholicity of the Bible answer to the fulness, the catholicity of the Faith. (Bp. Westcott.)


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