Is the Bible God’s Word?

1. I believe the Bible to be the Word of God because, at the first, my father and mother taught me that it is, and trained me in that belief.

2. Because, as I grew up, I found that whatever was good, true, and just in those about me was to be traced to that Book, and that the welfare of society appeared to proceed from it.

3. Because I found in it what answered to the best intuitions of my mind, met all my conceptions of what is morally right and spiritually holy, satisfying both my affections and my aspirations, and it does so still.

4. Because I have found at every step that in every temptation to evil, or conflict with it, the Bible was on the side of good; at the same time enlightening me as to what good and evil are.

5. Because the Bible, coming to man as a message from the Father to His child, expresses the mind, will, and character of a personal being, absolute and eternal, and unchangeable in all perfections.

6. Because the more I study the history of the world, the plainer it is made to me that what this Book declares of God and His providence explains and interprets that history, and that without it Christendom and its civilization could not bare been, including its order, liberties, industries, and education.

7. Because the Bible and the visible kingdom of God, set up on earth by Jesus Christ, agree together, the Church witnessing to the Scriptures, and the Scriptures instructing and directing the Church in worship, doctrine, and practice.

8. Because, on all reasonable grounds of evidence, and by all the accepted methods and principles by which we get a knowledge of the past, the facts, recorded and affirmed as such in the Bible, are substantially and sufficiently authenticated and established.

9. Because the utmost strength and skill of learning, argument, and ingenuity, expended from the beginning to this day, in efforts to disprove the facts and discredit the record, have so failed that both the external and internal evidences are clearer and firmer at this time than ever before since the Apostolic age; the contents of four Epistles to St. Paul, which hostile modern criticism allows to be indisputably genuine, certifying to the narrative of the Evangelists with its superhuman element and Divine authority.

10. Because the marvellous history of the Scriptures themselves, in manuscript and print, and of their effects, places them above the plan and power of human compositions.

11. Because the Book as we have it, containing no literary or other error affecting in the least the spiritual life of man, shows itself to be an inspired and doubtless an everlasting gospel of his salvation, suited to all his spiritual needs, and the only assurance of his immortality.

12. Because the more I study the Bible, and seek to order my life by it, the stronger these convictions respecting it become. (Bp. F. D. Huntington.)