Will You Also Go Away?

"Then said Jesus unto the twelve: Will you also go away?" John 6:67

Many left Jesus in the days of his flesh. They misunderstood his doctrine; consequently their expectations were disappointed, and they left him and went their way. Many leave Christ now; some for business, some for gold, and some for carnal pleasure. How many dead branches fall off! How many depart to walk no more with him! To us, also, Jesus puts the question, "Will you also go away?"

Go from Jesus! To whom should we go? or where should we go? He alone has what we need. He alone can do what we need. What can give us peace, but his blood? What can inspire us with hope, but the word of his grace? What can sustain us, but his strength? And what can give us the victory, but his love? O Jesus! we are absolutely dependent on you. Everything we need is in you. No one can satisfy the cravings of our immortal minds, but yourself.

Go from you! leave you! Heaven forbid it! Did you not lay down your life for us? Did you not call us by your grace? Have you not led us and fed us all our lives long? Is not all our salvation in you? Do not all our supplies come from you? Are we not expecting glory, honor, and immortality, even eternal life, through you?

Go from you! That would be certain death, black despair, everlasting ruin!

Go from you! perish the thought, preserve us from the temptation--keep, O keep us from this sin. O keep us as the apple of the eye; keep us by your mighty power through faith unto salvation.

Go from Jesus! rather let us get nearer to him and cleave to him with full purpose of heart. Let us . . .
walk with him in love,

labor for him with energy,

suffer for him with patience, and

look forward to an everlasting residence with him with joy!

"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life!" John 6:68

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