Where Is Your Brother?

"Where is Abel your brother?" Genesis 4:9

God has made of one blood, all the nations which dwell on the face of the earth. The human race is but one large family; therefore we ought to feel an interest in each other. Nature requires this, and the Scriptures inculcate it. The question once put to Cain may now be put to us: "Where is Abel your brother?"

We all have . . .
one Creator, God;
one nature, which is depraved;
one residence, the world;
one source of supply, providence;
one business, to glorify God;
one law to rule us,
one grand blessing to secure, salvation.

One great principle ought to influence us, even love; for each one of us should love his neighbor as himself. "Where is your brother?"

Is he in Christ--or Satan?
Is he in the world--or the Church?
Is he in danger--or safety?
Is he in trouble--or prosperity?
Is he traveling to Heaven--or Hell?
Have you acted a brother's part towards him?
Have you kept a concerned eye on him?
Have you sympathized with him?
Have you sent the gospel to him?
Have you tried to prevent his ruin?

"Where is your brother?" God inquires respecting our brother, whether he is near or afar off. He expects us to seek our brother's welfare. He will put the question again, perhaps, when we least expect it. We ought to put it to ourselves, and be prepared to answer it. Let us then look on all mankind as our brethren; let us, as we have opportunity, do good to all men; and let us become all things to all men, that we may by all means save some. Let us seek the present and everlasting welfare of all about us. Let us set our hearts upon saving souls. Let us keep this constantly before our eye, always and everywhere. Let us look upon every man, however poor or depraved--as our brother, and seek to save his soul.

"Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others." Philippians 2:4