What Is Truth?

"What is truth?" Pilate asked. John 18:38

Pilate asked the question--but did not wait for an answer. Our Lord had given the answer before, in the presence of his disciples, when, in his most sublime prayer, he pleaded, "Sanctify them through your truth--your word is truth." The whole truth of God is contained in the Scriptures; and all that is contained in the Scriptures is the truth of God.

If we reply to the question for the purposes of general usefulness, we would say, this is truth:
that man in his natural state is a sinner, a willful, determined, inexcusable sinner;

that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Savior, and that he is an able, willing, and certain Savior;
that salvation is alone by faith in Christ--faith which believes God's word, comes to Jesus for life, and rests on Christ alone;

that faith always produces repentance, or hearty sorrow for sin, determined opposition to sin, and carefulness in departing from sin;

that repentance leads to reformation of life, so that sin is hated, duty chosen, and a new course of life is commenced;

that good works prove a good state;

that self is dethroned;

that the law of Christ embraced, and so God and man are loved;

that salvation from first to last is of grace--God begins, carries on, and completes it;

that damnation is altogether of man, and is the fruit of sin, and the settlement of the present life's account.

This is the truth--will you receive it? Knowing it, will you do it? Professing the truth--are you sanctified by it? It is folly to ask "What is truth?" unless we are prepared to receive it, believe it, and regulate our lives by it. No one need be at any loss on this subject; for all essential truth is plain, so that he who runs may read, and every one who reads should run.

"I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes unto the Father--but by me." John 14:6