Will You Be Made Whole?

Will You Be Made Whole?
"Jesus said unto him: Will you be made whole?" John 5:6

A poor man, suffering under a painful bodily affliction, had long lain at the pool of Bethesda, hoping for a cure--but in vain. At length Jesus came where he was, and, without reference to the means to which the man had been looking, asked the question, "Will you be made whole?" He consented, and was immediately restored to health. Jesus could heal. Jesus was willing to heal. Jesus did heal--and did it instantly, gratuitously, and perfectly.

Just so, many sinners have been long attending the means of grace, and have been expecting salvation at some time or other, after long waiting; but Jesus puts the question to every one of us, "Will you be made whole?" He can save. He can save perfectly, instantly, and forever. He does not wish us to lie at the pool of ordinances and wait; but he directs us to look to him and be saved at once. He will pardon all our sins. He will justify our persons. He will purify our natures. He will give us a title to Heaven, make us fit for Heaven, and guide us by his counsel until he introduces us to Heaven.

There is no need to wait one moment. If we are willing to be made whole--Jesus is willing to make us whole, and he says, "Look unto me, and be saved." I do not require you to do anything, or suffer anything--but only "Look and live!" "He who believes shall be saved." "He who believes on me has everlasting life."

Reader! are you willing to be made whole by Jesus--to be made whole at once, without any delay? If so, Jesus is willing to make you whole; and if you believe his word, confide in his promise, and commit your soul into his hands--he will save you at once, and forever.

"How long will you be unclean?" Jeremiah 13:27