What Do You Think of Christ?

What Do You Think of Christ?

"What do you think of Christ?" Matthew 13:42

Most people have some thoughts of Christ. They have heard him spoken of, they have read about him, and occasionally they have had their thoughts exercised about him.

Reader, no doubt you have thought of Christ. Your attention has often been directed to him--have you come to any conclusion about him? Is he necessary for you? Is he suited to you? Is he desirable in your estimation? Can you believe his word? Can you trust in his merits? Can you confide your soul to his care?

What do you think of his PERSON--is he divine as well as human--God as well as man--God and man in one Christ?

What do you think of his WORK--did he magnify the law and make it honorable--did he make a full and all-sufficient atonement for sin?

What do you think of his OFFICES--is he the only mediator between God and men--is he the prophet, God raised up, like unto Moses; is he the priest, that God appointed, after the order of Melchizedek; is he the king, that God has set on his holy hill of Zion?

What do you think of his LOVE, especially as displayed in undertaking the cause of his people--becoming poor for their sakes, dying in their stead, and ever living at God's right hand to make intercession for them?

What do you think of CHRIST? Is he worthy of your confidence and love? Is he worthy of your worship and obedience? Is he worthy to possess your heart, and wear your praises as his crown?
Our thoughts of Christ betray the state of our hearts towards Christ; and our thoughts of Christ will influence our conduct towards Christ. We must think highly or meanly of him; if the former--we shall give ourselves to him; if the latter--we shall withhold ourselves from him. "What do you think of Christ?"

"We believe and are sure that you are that Christ, the Son of the living God!" John 6:69