On Whom Do You Trust?

"On whom do you trust?" Isaiah 36:5

Israel's king was apparently in great danger: outside his city was a great army, led by a victorious general; within the city, were few supplies and a faint-hearted people. Yet he was hopeful. He possessed his soul in patience; he relied on his God. The poor heathen could not understand this; and therefore he tauntingly put the question, "On whom do you trust?"

Just so the believer: very often when surrounded by foes, when burdened with troubles, when in the midst of trials--he enjoys inward peace, and looks forward with a lively hope, so that those around him are ready to ask, "On whom do you trust?" Trust! his trust is in the Lord who made Heaven and earth--the Lord who has dealt so graciously with him in times past, and who has spoken to him so kindly in reference to all time to come. He trusts in the Lord, whose power is omnipotent, whose word is sure, whose wisdom cannot be frustrated, who never failed one who trusted in him. "I trust," says he, "in One whose victories are greater, whose interest in me is deep."

Sinner! on whom do you trust?
Eve trusted Satan, and fell.
Jacob trusted his sons, and suffered.
Sennacherib trusted in his army, and was conquered.
Gehazi trusted in his master's staff, and failed.
Asa trusted in his physicians, and died.
Hezekiah trusted in the God of Israel, and was victorious.

Sufferer! on whom do you trust? Is the object of your trust able to deliver you? Is he truthful--may his word be taken? Is he trustworthy, so that failure is impossible? O my soul, trust you in the Lord--trust him at all times, trust him with all your affairs, and trust him for all you need! "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding."

"O Israel, trust in the Lord; he is their help and their shield." Psalm 115:9