How Can Man Be Just with God?

How Can Man Be Just with God?

"How can a man be just with God?" Job 9:2

Every man is cited to appear before God's bar. He is charged with numerous crimes. The charges are clearly proved. He cannot, he dare not deny one of them. The law says, "The soul that sins--it shall die." Justice is there to pronounce the sentence of God's law. The case is clear. The sinner's doom appears to be certain. How can he escape? How is it possible for him to be acquitted, to be justified?
The Son of God appears; he takes the sinner's nature, assumes the sinner's place, and undertakes to obtain the sinner's freedom. He does what the sinner ought to have done--he suffers what the sinner deserves to suffer. His divine nature imparts an infinite merit to, and stamps an infinite dignity upon, all he does. The Father agrees to the substitution, accepts his vicarious obedience and sacrifice, and engages to place it to the account of all--and each one who believes on his name.

Jesus now, turning to the sinner, says, "I have done what you neglected to do. I have suffered what you deserved to suffer. I make over my obedience to you; I transfer my merits to your account. Believe this and be happy; trust me, and you are safe."

The sinner receives the word, believes the testimony, pleads the life and death of Jesus before God--and he is justified. Christ is to him the end of the law. The blood of Jesus is an atonement for all his sins. The resurrection of Jesus is a receipt given by the great Creditor--a proof that sin is put away, that justice is satisfied, that peace with God is made, and that death is conquered. Simple faith in Jesus entitles us to the whole work of Jesus, and so man becomes just with God. Thus, we are justified by faith in Jesus, and not by the deeds of the law; and being justified by faith--we have peace with God, and we joy in God.

"Being justified freely by his grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus." Romans 3:24