Do You Believe on the Son of God?

Do You Believe on the Son of God?

"Jesus said unto him: Do you believe on the Son of God?" John 9:35

This question was proposed to the blind man whom the Savior restored to sight; and he was enabled to say, "Lord, I believe! And he worshiped him." Jesus is the Son of God, of the same nature with his Father, and possessed of all the divine attributes and perfections. He became man for us, and for our salvation. To believe on him, is to receive into the mind--the great facts of his incarnation, obedience to the law, suffering and death, resurrection from the grave, and ascension into Heaven, on purpose to save sinners; and, receiving these facts into the mind, to exercise confidence in him, rely alone upon him for acceptance with God, and consecrate the person and life wholly to him, for his praise and glory. Faith gives Jesus the heart, identifies the person with Christ and his interests; and so Christ and the believer become one, united together as the head and the member.

"Do you," reader, "believe on the Son of God?" Have you felt yourself entirely lost without him? Have you seen him as exactly adapted to your circumstances, and suited to meet all your needs? Have you entrusted your soul to him, and left yourself entirely in his hands? Can you say that he is all your salvation and all your desire?

A faith that does not look to Christ for all, entrust Christ with all, and desire to exalt Christ in all--is not the faith of God's elect, the faith that saves the soul.

Reader! demand of your conscience a reply to this question, "Do you believe on the Son of God?" nor rest satisfied for one moment, until you can say, "Lord, I believe!" And then worship Jesus. Simple dependence on Christ insures your salvation by Christ, and your glorification with Christ.

"I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who would come into the world!" John 11:27