Storms on the Sea of Galilee

Matthew 8:23-27

Dr. Buchanan experienced one of these sudden storms on the Sea of Galilee.

“While gazing on the suggestive scenery around us, our earnest conversation was suddenly disturbed by a movement among our Arab crew. All at once they pulled in their oars, stepped their mast, and began to hoist their long and very ragged lateen sail. What can the fellows mean to do with a sail in a dead calm?” But they were right. There comes the breeze, rippling and roughening the lately glassy surface of the lake. It reaches us before the sail is rightly set. A few minutes more, and it is blowing hard. The bending and often-spliced yard threatens to give way, and the tattered leach of the sail seems as if it would rend right up, and go away in shreds. To go upon a wind with such a craft is impossible. There is nothing for it but to slack away, and run before it “And where are we going now?’ was our first inquiry, when things had been got a little into shape. ‘Where the wind will take us,’ was the reply of the old greybeard at the helm. And away we went, the lake now all tossed into waves, and covered with foaming white heads, as if a demon had got into its lately tranquil bosom-an adventure that afforded us a fresh illustration of the reality of those events which the narratives of Scripture relate.”

(Clerical Furlough in the Holy Land.)