Influence of a Christian wife

Mark 10:2-12

There was a company of rough men together at one o’clock one night, and a man says: “My wife is a Christian, and if I should go home at this hour, and order her to get us an entertainment, she would get it with good cheer, and without one word of censure.”

They laughed at him, and said she would not. They laid a wager, and started for his home, and they knocked at one or two o’clock in the morning. The Christian wife came to the door, and her husband said: “Get us something to eat! get it right away!” She said: “What shall I get?”

And he ordered the bill of fare, and it was provided without one word of censure. After his roystering companions had gone out of the house, he knelt down and said: “Oh! forgive me! I am wicked! I am most wicked! Get down and pray for me!” and before the morning dawned on the earth, the pardon of Christ had dawned on that man.

Why? His wife was a thorough Christian. He could not resist the power of her Christian influence.

(Dr. Talmage.)

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