The true disposition required in communicants

Matthew 8:5

”I am not worthy.” 

Personal humility, met, limited, and directed by personal faith. Many say of the Holy Communion that they are unworthy.

1. But this humility, if really what it ought to be, should lead us directly to the performance of this sacred duty. Our humility should take the form of that in our text. The communicant can’t be worthy as far as real worthiness is concerned.

2. But it is at this point that our humility should he met, limited, and directed by our faith. The centurion’s sense of unworthiness did not turn him aside from duty, from beseeching our Lord to help him; it delicately gave greater force to his request.

3. Our humility, if sincere, will issue in our greater confidence in God’s mercy. 

(J. Puckle, M. A.)