A Soldier's Faith

Matthew 8:5

One day when Napoleon was reviewing his troops in Paris, he let fall the reins of his horse upon the animal’s neck, when the proud charger galloped away. 

Before the rider could recover the bridle, a common soldier ran out from the ranks, caught the reins, stopped the horse, and placed the bridle again in the hands of the Emperor. 

“Much obliged to you, captain,” said Napoleon. The man immediately believed the chief and said, ‘Of what regiment, sir?' 

Napoleon, delighted with his quick perception and manly trust in his word, replied, “Of my guards,” and rode away, 

As soon as the Emperor left, the soldier laid down his gun, saying, “He may take it who will,” and started for the Company of Staff Officers … and so the soldier came duly to his post as Captain of Napoleon’s Guard.