Micah 4:9

“Is thy Counsellor perished?” Mic 4 : 9 THE Lord's people need counsel, and Jesus is given to them as a COUNSELLOR. He is exactly suited to their needs, being possessed of infinite wisdom, unbounded benevolence, great experience, and high honour. He never lost a cause. He counsels freely, cheerfully, and successfully. He turns the counsel of all our foes into foolishness. But though we have this Wonderful Counsellor, we neglect to consult, employ or trust Him; and it may often be demanded of us, “Is thy Counsellor perished?” If not, why this perplexity? Why these mistakes? Why those fears and groans, and forebodings? Why this running to creatures for advice and succour? Beloved, let us stand reproved; we have walked in our own counsels, we have not waited for His counsel, we have neglected and forgotten Jesus in His office. Let us in future never act without His counsel, never employ men to His dishonour, never listen to Satan when he would persuade us not to apply to, trust in, and expect advice from Jesus as our COUNSELLOR. He says, “I will counsel thee, Mine eye shall be upon thee.” Lord, be my Counsellor, My Pattern, and my Guide; And through this desert land, Still keep me near Thy side; O let my feet ne'er run astray Nor rove, nor seek the crooked way.