Peace With Pardon

“Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.” Luke 7:5

Saved! This poor, shame-soiled, sin-ruined thing, that the Pharisee would have thrust out of his house into the street — saved! Never to go back any more to her old life! An heir of heaven now, destined to walk the heavenly streets in white! There is an old legend that Mohammed once in passing along the way touched a plant of mallows and it became a geranium, and has ever since been a geranium, pouring fragrance everywhere. No matter about the legend, but Christ did something far more wonderful on the day of our story. He touched this sinful soul, and it was transformed into beauty. That woman has been in glory for eighteen centuries. That is what Christ does for every one who creeps to his feet in penitence and faith.

Peace came with the forgiveness. There could be no peace until she was forgiven. No one has any right to be at peace while the guilt of sin remains uncancelled. But when Christ has forgiven us we should be at peace. Why or of what should we then be afraid? What is there for us to fear in this world or the next?

There is a story of one, in the olden days, who had committed a capital crime. He was the king’s friend and favourite; and when his trial came on, although the case went sorely against him, he manifested no fear. The evidence accumulated. There was no loophole of escape from conviction. His friends had no hope, yet they marvelled at his calmness — he was at perfect peace. He was convicted, and was about to be sentenced; still there was in his features no trace of alarm. At the last moment the secret was revealed. He drew from his bosom a paper, and handed it to the judge. It was the king’s pardon. With that in his possession he had no cause for fear. And with our King’s pardon, no matter how guilty we are, we have no need to be afraid, and may be at peace.