The Great Physician

“He had healed many; insomuch that they pressed upon him for to touch him.” Mark 3:10

Through the plots of His enemies drove Jesus out of the city, they did not stop His doing good. Though some rejected His love, His heart was not closed. Capernaum lost much when He went out of its gates, but on the throngs that followed Him the gracious blessings fell.

That is ofttimes the way. The gifts of love that Christ bears in His hands are rejected by those to whom they are first offered, but are then carried to others, who receive them with gladness. Persecution generally scatters the seed which it means to destroy. When the first Christians were driven from Jerusalem, it was only to carry the word into all countries round about into which they fled. They “went everywhere preaching.” Opposition should never silence the lips that carry the words of life. If one rejects and scorns us, we must bear our message to another.

The picture of the people thronging here about Christ, pressing upon Him, each one eagerly struggling to touch Him, is very graphic and vivid. A touch was enough. All that touched Him were made whole. Life and health flowed into the diseased bodies when the trembling fingers came in contact with the Healer, even with His garments.

So a touch is enough always. Any one who really touches Christ is healed. But we must be sure to touch Him. It is not enough to be in the crowd that gathers about Him. Only those are healed whose faith truly brings them in contact with Him. It is not enough to be in the congregation that worships. One sitting or bowing next to us may receive a great blessing while we receive none at all. It is because he reaches out his hand of faith and touches Christ, while we, as close to Christ as he is, do not put out our hand to touch Him, and therefore receive no blessing.