Divine Power

“The power of the Lord was present to heal them.” Luke 5:17

It was not always so. Once we read that Jesus could not do any mighty works at a certain place. It was not said that He would not, but that He could not. It seems strange that could not should ever be written of the omnipotent Christ.

Did He then have his weak hours? Were there times when the power fled from His arm? No!

So no doubt the reason the power of the Lord was so graciously present to heal at this time was because the people’s hearts were open to take what He had to give. They met His compassion and love with faith, and the divine power in Him wrought unrestrained.

We ought not to miss this lesson. There is never any want of power in Christ to bless us, and yet we may be near Him and still receive no blessing from Him. He may have come to us eager to impart the rich gifts of strength, comfort, joy, help, wisdom, and yet He may be unable to bestow them.

We ourselves must be in a condition to receive what He has to give, or the blessing cannot be bestowed. We can shut up our hearts so close as to keep the mighty Christ outside. Weak as we are, even the divine omnipotence cannot compel any blessing into our lives. There must be a willingness on our part to receive. It is because of our unbelief that the power of God is not always present to heal and to bless. Then whenever we have faith and are willing to receive what Christ will give, His power will be present to heal, and to pour all manner of rich blessings into our hearts and lives. He will never force us to accept His gifts.