The Wedding Feast

There was a marriage in Cana of Galilee & And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage. - John 2:1-2

Jesus approved, sanctified, and adorned marriage by attending this wedding feast. The Bible from the beginning to the end, (from Genesis to Revelation) puts high honour upon marriage. God Himself ordained it in Eden. It is not without peculiar significance that Christ made His first public appearance, and wrought His first miracle, at a marriage, thus showing His approval, and putting His sanction upon the relation.

There is no subject on which young people in these days need to receive more careful instruction than concerning marriage. The many ill-advised and unhappy marriages, the alarming frequency of separation, and the ease with which for the slightest reason divorces are obtained, show that the ordinance is losing its sanctity in the public mind. Jesus should be invited to every wedding, as He was to this at Cana. No marriage relation should ever be entered into when His presence would not be welcome, and on which His blessing cannot be sought and obtained.

It should be noted further here that it was a wedding feast which Jesus attended. His ministry opened amid scenes of human happiness. We need to learn that Christ is not merely a friend for our sorrow-hours, but also for our times of joy. We do not think enough of this. We regard religion too much "as a lamp burning dimly in a sepulchre," and not as a Sun shining amid the brightness and the radiance of the fairest day. No doubt it is when trouble comes that Christ seems most precious to us; but He is a Friend for our gladness as well. This lesson from the Cana wedding we should not lose. Our Lord does not frown upon pure innocent pleasures. Mirth is a duty in its place as really as prayer. We need not be afraid to invite Christ to our social enjoyments; indeed, if we cannot invite Him something must be wrong with the pleasures themselves.