Silent Change

“The ruler of the feast … knew not whence it was.” John 2:9

Christ wrought this miracle without noise or ostentation. He said nothing to call attention to what He was going to do. The people about Him did not know of the wonderful work He had wrought. So He works today. He is not in the storm, the earthquake, the whirlwind; but in the “still small voice.” His kingdom comes into men’s hearts, not with observation and show, but silently, without parade. The bad life is changed, by His work, into moral purity, and yet no one saw the change made or the hand that wrought it. Silently help comes in the hours of need; silently prayer’s answers glide down; silently the angels come and go.

It is significant also that the “servants which drew the water knew.” Those who work with Christ are admitted into the inner chamber where omnipotence is unveiled. The lesson is very simple and beautiful. Christ takes into His confidence those who serve Him; calls them no more servants but friends. Those who do Christ’s will know of His doctrine, and see His ways of working. If we would see Christ’s power and glory, we must enter heartily into His service. Ofttimes it is in the lowliest ways, and in the paths of humble, self-denying service, that the most of His glory appears.

The ruler did not know whence the wine came; is it not often so with us? People do not know whence the blessings come which glide so softly into their hearts. Many a troubled Christian kneels in prayer in great fear, oppressed by a sense of need, and rises with new rich joy in his heart, yet knowing not whence the strange sweet blessing came. We drink the cups which God fills for us with heavenly sweetness, we receive the gifts which are brought down to us from the very throne, and yet ofttimes we do not know whence these things come, nor recognize the divine presence that works so close beside us.