“Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.” John 2:5

“Whatsoever He saith.” We belong to Christ because He has redeemed us. He is our only Lord and Master.

“Whatsoever He saith.” We may not choose some of His commands for obedience and some for neglect, inattention, or rejection. We are not to do the pleasant things He bids us to do, and leave undone the things that are not according to our own taste and feeling. We are to do even the things that cost pain and personal sacrifice. It was thus that Jesus Himself did the will of His Father. That will took Him to His cross; but He did not shrink from accepting it when He saw the way growing dark before Him, or when He felt the thorns under His feet and the burdens increasing unto crushing weight upon His shoulders. If we would walk in His steps our obedience must be complete.

“Whatsoever he saith.” But how can we know what He saith? We cannot hear His voice as the servants at the wedding heard it. He speaks now in His Word, and the reverent heart may always hear what He says, as the sacred pages are prayerfully pondered. He speaks in the conscience that is kept tender by loyal obeying; He speaks in the providence that brings duty to our hand. There never is any real uncertainty as to what He says, if we are truly intent on knowing His will.

“Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it!” It is the doing that is important. We should never ask questions nor make suggestions when Jesus has spoken; the one thing for us is obedience. We should never ask what the consequences may be, what it may cost us; we are simply to obey. Christ knows why He wants us to do the thing, and that should be reason enough for us.