He Went About Doing Goood

“He said unto them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also: for therefore came I forth.” Mark 1:38

Jesus went about doing good. He did not confine His blessings to single localities. He sought to reach as many souls as possible. He did not wait for people to come to Him, but carried the news to their own doors. He thus taught us by example that His Gospel is for all men, and not for any particular place or people. He taught us also that we should make the most of our lives and opportunities, scatter the blessings of grace as widely as we can, and tell as many persons as possible the good tidings of God’s love. he wants His Church to keep on preaching the gospel to the “next towns” till there is not a town left in which it has not been heard.

There are some Christians who think they are excused from prayer and meditation in secret because they are so busy. Their work presses them so in the morning that they cannot possibly get time to pray. Their cares occupy them so all day that they do not find one quiet moment to go apart with God. In the evening there are so many social or other engagements, meetings, societies, parties, or they are so tired, that prayer is crowded out. The example of Christ speaks its solemn rebuke of all such trifling. We must find time for communion with God, or God will not find time to bless us.

Jesus was in this world, for one thing, to show us a pattern of a true life. We should specially study His life as the highest example of consecrated ministry. Here we have a glimpse of the way He sought to do good. He went about, carrying into every place He could reach the blessings of His grace and love. There is something intensely inspiring in the picture which this verse gives us. He seems in eager haste to get to as many places as possible. He has the look and the movement of a man who knows He has not long to stay, and that He has a great deal to do before He goes away. He wants to miss no town, to leave no person unvisisted.

There surely is much in this stirring picture which we ought to imitate. We are here on an errand of blessing to men. We have something to give to the world, a message from the Father to deliver to His children, benedictions to scatter upon needy lives. Somewhere not very far before us waits the end. What we do we must do quickly. We should hasten on from one to another with the gifts of love, help, and comfort, which our Master has given us to scatter.