A Plan For Each Life

There was a man sent from God. - John 1:6

He had his commission from God. He came as God’s messenger on God’s business. But each one of us was likewise “sent from God” into this world. If we are sent from God, it is on some definite errand. God has a plan, a purpose, for each life. No immortal soul ever came by accident into this world, and none ever came without a mission. We ought to think of this. People sometimes suppose that such men as Moses and John the Baptist and Paul were exceptions. They had their own specific mission; God sent them on very definite errands. But surely we common people are not sent from God in the same sense. We never saw God in a burning bush, nor received our commission directly from His lips. No angel came before our birth to announce what we were to be and to do in this world. We had no revelation of bright glory smiting us down in blindness.

Yet, nevertheless are we “sent from God,” every one of us, and have as definite a work allotted to us, as had Moses or John or Paul. Are we living out God’s thought for us, what He had in view when He made us and sent us hither? Are we doing in this world what He wants us to do? These are important questions; and we should not stop short of honest answers to them, for we shall have to account to God at the end for the way we have fulfilled our mission. Any life is a failure which does not accomplish that which God sent it into the world to do. We find our work and our mission by simple obedience to God and submission to Him. He first prepares us for the place He is preparing for us, and then at the right time leads us into it. We can, indeed, miss our mission in this world, but only by taking our own way rather than God’s.