Good News

Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy. - Luke 2:10

Every work of the gospel is a joy - bell. In Eastern poetry they tell of a wondrous tree on which grew golden apples and silver bells. Every time the breeze went by and tossed the fragrant branches, a shower of the golden apples fell, and the bells chimed and tinkled forth their sweet and airy music. Like this tree of fable is the gospel - tree, ever dropping rich and mellow fruits, and ringing joy - bells whose music thrills our hearts with its celestial sweetness.

The gospel is always good news. Who was ever made sad by it? It brings good news to the guilty sinner when it comes to tell him of forgiveness. It brings good news to the struggling soul in the strife of temptation, when it comes to offer him help to overcome. It brings good news to the man or the woman who has failed, and is in despair over a ruined life and hopes dashed to the dust, when it says, "You may rise yet to a glorious life." It brings good news to the mourner when it breathes comfort, the assurance of divine sympathy and love, and a promise that good shall come out of sorrow. So wherever the gospel goes it tells good news, never bad.

Think what joys it has started in this world, what sadness it has chased away, what ruin it has restored to beauty. Think of the hymns of joy that have been sung along these Christian centuries, and are yet echoing in countless human hearts. Think of the heavenly songs in which millions will unite eternally. Then remember that all this song and gladness will be but the prolonged echo of that joy which the angel proclaimed. "Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy." We must be sure that we let this good news into our hearts, else we can never share this great gladness. Then we should in turn become joy - bearers, by ourselves repeating the good news, and likewise by letting all about us see in us what deep victorious joy the gospel of Christ can give.