Bearing Witness Of Christ

He was not that light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. - John 1:8

The mission of every Christian is likewise to bear witness of the Light. The Bible says that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord; but in our natural, unregenerate state the candle is unlighted. It is capable of being lighted; but until the divine Spirit touches it with heavenly fire and sets it ablaze, it is dead and dark.

When the candle is lighted, however, it shines within us and makes us light. Thus it is that we bear witness of the Light: it is Christ in us that shines; our light is but a little of His light breaking through our dull souls. Every one that sees us, sees in us a few gleams of the true Light.

There is another way also in which we may bear witness of the Light. We cannot alone light anyone to heaven; we cannot save any perishing one, nor give life to any dead soul. But we can point lost and dying ones to Christ, who is the great and true Light; we can tell others, in their experiences of need and sorrow, of the fullness there is in Christ.

We should bear this witness to Christ in many ways. We can do it by our words, telling what He has done for us. There certainly is great honour for Christ, and also great blessing for others, in simple testimony for Christ. If a physician heals us, we speak his praise among all our friends. Why should we not thus bear witness of Christ? We can bear witness, too, by our lives, showing in ourselves what Christ can do for others who will come to Him. We should all be good witnesses, true representatives, never giving any wrong impression of our Master either by word or by deed. It would be sad indeed if anyone looking at us should get a wrong thought about Christ. We need to be most careful that we never in any way misrepresent Him.